PhD Training

Critical skills for research-based doctorates and careers


For you, the facilitator or organiser of doctoral training, this curriculum offers either a comprehensive, sequenced PhD journey or a selection of sessions to create or enrich your own programme. CARTA’s approach to training is not conventional – these participatory methods promote agency, are fun to teach, and develop multi-potential 21st century researchers who can work across disciplines. Because the sessions focus more on how to teach, rather than the content of what to teach, you can use or adapt CARTA’s approach for most research-based PhD programmes.

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The PhD Journey

Sessions grouped in four phases

Prepare Research Question and Protocol

Sessions & Sequences
Professional Development Plan – PhD
Gender and Health
Gender, Sexuality and Values
Research Question and Methodology
Designing PowerPoint Slides
Health and Demographic Surveillance System
Field Visit
Scientific Blitz
Academic Writing
Academic Citizenship Introduced
Institutional Support
Work in Progress

Focus on Methods

Sessions & Sequences
Diagnostic Sessions
Research Development Clinics
Qualitative methods
Quantitative methods
Mixed methods
Systematic Literature Search
When to Standardise and How
Academic Posters
Spiderweb: Social Determinants
Introduction to Health Economics

Analyse Data and Write 

Sessions & Sequences
Scientific Blitz
Journal Club
Writing and Analysis Sessions
Work in Progress
Pitching Articles and Ranking Journals
Qualitative Data Analysis
Quantitative Data Analysis
Data Analysis Plan Revisited
Writing the Discussion Section
The Peer-Review Process
Manuscript Club
Writing for Journal Publication
Translating Evidence to Policy

Prepare for Post-graduate Life

Sessions & Sequences
Grant proposals
Advocacy and influence

Skills Index

Choose a skill from the list to find the sessions that cover it

Critical thinking
Analytical thinking
Scientific reading & writing
Giving feedback
Knowledge translation
Research leadership


Academic citizenship
Social justice




Technical depth


Scientific communication
Project management

Training of Trainers

To implement this curriculum effectively, facilitators must be well prepared. This ToT workshop builds or refreshes the skills and background knowledge of your team.

Download the ToT workshop.


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