We wish to thank the many colleagues who have offered helpful suggestions and comments on drafts of this work.  These include Metro Un-Published Papers and Extended Theses Seminar (MUPPETS) members; Jim Drake; Brian Weiser; Matt Maher; Kim Klimek; Andrea Maestrejuan; Shelby Balik; and Laresh Jayasanker.  Corey Sell offered valuable insights into what makes a good source collection for elementary-aged readers.  We also benefitted from the Primary Source Set Work Group organized by Colorado Department of Education Social Studies expert, Stephanie Hartman.  Other members who patiently reviewed early drafts and improved our work included Kristin Fong, Amanda Gould, Steve Jennings, Leigh Jeremias, April Legg, Jenny Petit, Rebecca Theobald.   That group produced a wonderful series of primary source sets for elementary-aged readers available on the Colorado Department Education website.   Teaching with Primary Sources gurus Kile Clabaugh and Keith Patterson showed us the way on this project, and they continue to maintain a valuable network in partnership with the Library of Congress.  Chrystyna Banks in the MSU Denver History Department designed the great cover.  Bob and Marilyn Laugen saved us from some embarrassing typos.  Zoe Cochran kept hope alive for Todd.


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