Amy Ashlee

Amy Ashlee is Senior Research Officer, Refugee Education UK (known as Refugee Support Network at the time of publication). Amy specialises in child-friendly and qualitative research methods. Her MA in International Child Studies (King’s College London) focuses on education, child protection, and forced displacement.

Katie Barringer

Katie Barringer is the Head of Educational Progression at Refugee Education UK. She has extensive experience in education of young offenders and drug addicts in the UK and Asia.

Giulia Clericetti

Giulia Clericetti is a researcher and mentor coordinator for Refugee Education UK. She holds a masters in International Relations from Rome Tre University, Italy, and a MPhil in Education and International Development from Cambridge University, UK.

Kalifa Damani

Kalifa Damani is a Researcher at the EdTech Hub, based at Jigsaw Consult. She holds PhD and MPhil degrees from Cambridge University, which both explored how psychology and technology interact; her research interests focus on the intersection of education, psychology, socioeconomics, and technology use amongst Caribbean, African, and Asian children. Previously, Kalifa studied as an undergraduate and worked as a research assistant at the University of the West Indies, and she has also worked as an artist and photographer over the past 10 years.

Gill Francis

Gill Althia Francis is Postdoctoral Researcher and recipient of a ‘Leverhulme Early Career Fellowship’ award tenable at the Department of Education, University of York from October 2021 to September 2024. Previously, she held a White Rose Doctoral Training Partnership Fellowship (WRDTP) at the same institution from October 2020 to September 2021. Gill’s research broadly addresses developmental psychology and child cognitive development with children with both typical-and-atypical-development. She has experience with diverse research methodologies including – rapid evidence reviews, systematic literature reviews with meta-analyses, primary research and secondary data research using quantitative data analysis methods with big data. She has also consulted on education projects with Cambridge Assessment, as well as the World Bank on the TEACH classroom observation tool for secondary schools and is passionate about international development work in education that prioritises marginalised and disadvantaged students. Gill attained her qualifications at the University of Cambridge achieving a PhD in Education and an MPhil in Psychology & Education as a recipient of a Cambridge-LEGO studentship with the research center for Play Education Development and Learning (PEDAL) and a Cambridge Commonwealth Scholarship, respectively. She also holds a Bachelor’s degree in Educational Testing Measurement and Evaluation from the University of the West Indies. Prior to embarking on a career in educational research Gill worked as a trained primary school teacher for over ten years.

Jessica Gladwell

Jessica Gladwell is a researcher and project manager at Refugee Education UK. She holds a BA in History from University of Warwick, and has extensive experience in writing and editing educational materials in the publishing sector.

Katy Jordan

Katy Jordan is a Research Associate with the EdTech Hub, based at the Faculty of Education, University of Cambridge. She holds a PhD in educational technology from the Open University, UK. Her research interests broadly focus on the impact of the Internet and digital technologies on education, with specific interests in social media, educational technology, and open education.

Louis Major

Louis Major is a Senior Lecturer at the University of Manchester. His research investigates how technology can enable new models of education, address educational disadvantage, and support learners to develop ‘future skills’ such as dialogue and creativity. As part of the EdTech Hub research team, Louis is investigating the role of technology-supported personalised learning. He holds a PhD in Computer Science from Keele University and is also an Editor of the British Journal of Educational Technology.

Nora McIntyre

Nora McIntyre currently works at the Southampton Education School, University of Southampton. As the School’s educational innovation specialist, Nora asks how best to improve teacher effectiveness in educational technology among diverse global populations. She has research interest in culture, socio-emotion, and inequalities. She particularly advocates the use of intensive data via innovative research technology and process-oriented analytic techniques.

Joel Mitchell

Joel Mitchell is a Research Portfolio Manager at EdTech Hub and Technical Director at Jigsaw Consult. His research interests include digital inclusion for minoritised languages, participatory approaches to research and EdTech use in early literacy.

Rebecca Torrance

Rebecca Torrance is a Researcher and Educational Mentoring Coordinator at Refugee Education UK. She is a trained social worker and has worked in social care and education in several countries.

Joe Watson

Joe Watson currently works as a Psychometrician in The Psychometrics Centre,  Cambridge Judge Business School. He holds a PhD in Education from the University of Cambridge, an MPhil in Environment, Society and Development (also from Cambridge) and an LLB honours degree from the University of Keele.

Daniel Webb

Dan Webb is Higher Education Project Coordinator at Refugee Education UK. He holds an MPhil in cultural geography and a PhD in geopolitics from Royal Holloway,  University of London.


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