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Much Ado About Nothing, Kenneth Branagh

The book to accompany the movie. I found it at a cinema book store in Seattle, as well as the cloth edition of Beginning. There’s nothing new here, really, although one can take the screenplay and check it against the play to find out the changes that were made to the text.

Branagh says in the foreword that having the American actors was his idea. Perhaps. I had heard a rumor that he had included them for a wider U.S. distribution. In any case, it’s worth noting that the Americans, with the possible exception of Denzel Washington, just can’t hold a candle to even the meanest bit parts played by the British. I still think Keaton was way too “Beetlejuice” for Dogberry, although the explanation for his interpretation herein gave me new insight into it. If you’re a Branagh admirer as I am, you shouldn’t pass this book up.

[Finished 7 March 1994]


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