Book Data and Manuscript Evaluation

What’s in A Name

by Garie McIntosh

Keyword recommendations:

  • What’s in a name?
  • Living with secrets
  • Every woman knows her own sorrows
  • Incest
  • Identity crisis
  • Getting over childhood drama
  • Personal drama

Keywords: One of the ways that book buyers will be able to find your book online is through searching keywords on sites such as Amazon, Barnes and Noble, etc. These words serve as flags for online databases. You can choose up to seven keywords to help guide people to your book. Some good examples are main ideas, characters, and/or places where the story takes place. Think of someone trying to find your book in Google. What would they search? Note: you can have a      maximum of seven keywords, but you can have up to 20 characters per keyword (this is because some keywords are phrases, i.e. “Good Versus Evil”).


BISAC code recommendations:

FIC000000     Fiction                       Literary

FIC045000     Fiction                       Family Life

FIC044000     Fiction            Contemporary Women


BISAC Codes: BISAC or Book Industry Subject and Category codes are numbers that represent book categories. Whereas the search keywords are to help the reader locate your book, the BISAC codes are in place to help the retailer or book seller know in which section to stock your book. You are allowed a maximum of three codes for any given book, and they are sorted in order of relevance.

Page count: 267

Word count: 83,400


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