I am deeply grateful to all those who have helped to make this book possible:


  • The teachers and student teachers who contributed their important stories/experiences.
  • Prisoners at the Brooklyn House of Detention for Men, N.Y. in my literacy class who encouraged me to be creative when I had no clear curriculum.
  • Maggie Joralemon and Nabeelah Abdul-Ghafur for their important input on anti-racist teaching.
  • Mary Shaughnessy, Dr. Carolyne White, Wynnie-Fred Victor Hinds, and Ted Glick for editing suggestions.
  • Sherrill Hogan, long time friend, for making her Massachusetts home available as a quiet space in the early stage of expanding How to Teach Without Screaming from an article to a book.
  • Sonja Hedlund and Dick Riseling, also long time friends, for giving me a room at their Apple Pond Farming Center in Calicoon Center, NY to continue to write and revise.
  • Susan Hebert for her organized support group to help her friends finish their projects.
  • Adrienne Sciutto as we encouraged each other to finish our books.
  • Reverend Paul Mayer who believed in classroom stories to inspire teachers’ creativity and humanity.
  • Claudia Zaslavsky, math educator and author, family friend and role model for bringing societal issues into a teacher’s curriculum.
  • My parents, Elaine and Joe Califf, who were a profound influence in the creation of my moral compass which informed my commitment to humane, respectful, self-reflective and democratic teaching.
  • My husband, Ted Glick and son, Daniel Califf-Glick, for their love, patience, and support for this book over many years.
  • Joan Hussey-Rothenberg, author, skilled editor and ebook creator, for creating the first complete version of this book in ebook form.  I can’t thank you enough.
  • Diane Michaels, successful self-published author, for her advice on self-publishing and for revising the ebook version of this book into paperback format.  My deepest thanks and appreciation.


How to Teach Without Screaming Copyright © by jcaliff. All Rights Reserved.

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