Book Title: Parenting In An Online World

Subtitle: Internet Safety, Security, Privacy and Digital Literacy For Parents, Caregivers, and Educators

Author: dal007

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Book Description: “Parenting In An Online World” was written based upon our international multi-award-winning presentations on the topics of internet and social media safety, online security, online privacy, and digital literacy. This web book brings together 21 chapters and 275 pages of current scholarly articles and research, combined with the real-world experiences of parents, teens, and educators, to provide a more holistic approach to online safety in an “enlightening” and not “frightening” way based upon facts and not fear. Throughout this web book, actual case studies are used to demonstrate key safety, security, and privacy concepts. As an added bonus, there are imbedded video interviews with other online safety advocates and experts, that can be viewed right in the web book, to further support parenting strategies that have been suggested. Knowledge, and the understanding and application of that knowledge, is power. This web book provides real-world experiences and evidence-based knowledge that parents and caregivers need in today’s onlife world.

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Parenting In An Online World

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September 9, 2020