The White Hatter Social Media Safety & Digital Literacy Virtual Webinars for Schools and Parent Groups

Not only do we present in person, but we can also deliver our multi-award-winning social media safety and digital literacy programs virtually to school districts, schools, educators, students, and parents.  These specifically designed social media safety and digital literacy live webinars are cost-effective and can be delivered live online virtually to classrooms and homes (or to both simultaneously if needed) throughout North America. Two goals we strived for in creating these webinar-based programs; make sure they were not cost-prohibitive given the fiscal challenges that schools face, and ensure that they could easily be integrated and congruent with a school district’s core competency curriculum. As you will read, we have accomplished both of these goals.

We are a social-capital small-business in British Columbia and are recognized leaders and subject matter experts on the topics of social media safety, digital literacy, and online privacy and security. We have presented our multi-award-winning programs (, to over 490,000 students from across Canada and the United States.  We are excited that we can now continue to deliver our multi-award-winning programs virtually to schools across North America, via our “White Hatter Broadcasting Studio”.

The White Hatter Broadcasting Studio is more than just laptop-based webcam conferencing technology, it’s a professionally outfitted multi-media broadcasting studio with two live sets and multiple camera angles. We harness the power of the internet to share our interactive programs virtually, using best-in-industry webinar-based professional broadcasting software and hardware. This type of online education is not new to us, we have been doing this for two years and we bring this experience to all of our virtual training programs. We provide a safe, secure, and private online webinar experience, using industry-leading software, to provide a high-definition video (1080p) and audio online learning environment that is second to none. We also have the ability to seamlessly integrate with any school virtual program such as ZOOM, TEAMS, BLUEJEANS, SKYPE or any other web-based platform if requested.

Here’s an example that demonstrates the professional quality of our webinars


Program Delivery Cost

We offer six webinar-based virtual presentations for schools and five for parent groups.  The cost of each webinar is $350.00 plus applicable taxes, this is a group cost and not per person cost, and we can host up to 200 participants (more if needed), with the ability to broadcast to multiple classrooms simultaneously.  We also offer cost-saving incentives if you sign up for one or more of our 90-minute parent or school webinars.



High School Aged Youth (60 minutes each)


Internet Safety for teens aged (Gr 8-12)

Core Competency: Critical & Reflective Thinking/Social Awareness & Responsibility

Core Curriculum: Physical & Health Education (Gr 8-12)


Leveraging Social Media for Teens (Gr 10-12)

Core Competency: Communication & Collaboration

Core Curriculum: Career Education: Career-Life Connections (Gr 10-12)


Distribution of Intimate Images (nudes), sexting, and the Canadian Law: Consent, Choice, Consequences, and Harm – Teens (Gr 8-12)

Core Competency: Critical & Reflective Thinking/Personal Awareness & Responsibility/Social Awareness & Responsibility

Core Curriculum: Social Studies: Gr 8-11 , Social Justice & Law Studies gr 12


Online Sexual Predation/Exploitation: What is the Threat and What Can Teens Do To Minimize Risk – Teens (Gr 10-12)

Core Competency: Critical & Reflective Thinking/Social Awareness & Responsibility

Core Curriculum: Physical & Health Education (Gr 8-12)



Middle School (60-minutes)


Internet Safety for Youth (Gr 6-7)


Elementary School (60-minutes)


Internet Safety Elementary School (Gr 4-5)


*** BONUS: If you book one of the above-noted school webinars, we can offer a second 90-minute school presentation for $300.00, so you save $50.00. ***



PARENT PROGRAMS (90 minutes each)


Internet/Social Media Safety and Digital Literacy for Parents:


Online Sexual Predation and Exploitation: What Is the Threat, and What Can Caregivers Do to Help Minimize the Risks


Online Porn, Radicalization, Shaming & Disinformation:


Distribution of Intimate Images, Nudes, Sexting, and the Law: Consent, Choices, Consequences, and Harm Reduction


Gaming Concerns, Balance, Addiction & Opportunities



30 Minute Parent Presentations 

  • Monitoring and Filtering Tools for Parents and Caregivers:

  • Technology, Sleep, and Children:

  • Sharenting:

  • The Good of Social Media Technology and Teens


Another advantage of contracting with our company, we will continue to offer our services and expert assistance to schools, educators, school counselors, students, and parents after we present. We take a supportive and holistic wrap-around approach to social media safety, digital literacy, and online privacy and security. We do not believe in the philosophy of “show and go”, we are a trusted expert resource that can be easily accessed by those who hear us speak. We are proud of the fact that we are known for our outreach and assistance to all who connect with us when they are in need of information, guidance, or assistance specific to the onlife world.



The White Hatter Team



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