Video On Demand (VOD)



Video-On-Demand (VOD) from The White Hatter provides recorded, edited, and produced videos anytime and anywhere. These are created in our very own studio by team members.

VOD programs are NOT recordings of our live presentations or video meetings. They are independently created covering similar topics but presented differently in a TV or movie-style format. 

The White Hatter VOD programs are handled by Vimeo, a well-established video hosting, and sharing platform since 2004.

We presently offer three VOD’s”

  1. Social Media Safety and Digital Literacy ages 9-11yrs
  2. Social Media Safety and Digital Literacy ages 12-13yrs
  3. Social Media Safety for Middle School and High School Teens
  4. Cyberbullying, Sexting, Nudes, Intimate Images, and the Law
  5. How Teens Can Leverage Social Media For University, College, Sport, and Employment Opportunities
  6. Online Parenting For Family Leaders and Caregivers

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