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We cannot emphasize enough that the majority of our kids are doing super uber cool things online and using the power of digital media and technology to explore, connect, create, and learn in ways we only dreamed of; we parents and caregivers need to start acknowledging this fact.  Yes, youth are vulnerable, but parents and caregivers can minimize the risks by following the tips and techniques that we have discussed in this e-book.  Remember, those youth who become good digital citizens will have a significant advantage when it comes to the university and job opportunities of the future.  We parents can no longer abdicate our responsibility of shepherding and mentoring good digital literacy with our kids, but to do this we needed to be educated ourselves, thus the reason for this e-book. When it comes to online safety, security, privacy, and digital literacy, remember to be your child’s best parent and not their best friend, there is a difference!

Over the next couple of pages, we provide more information on a FREE app that we offer for both Apple and Android mobile devices, information on our new online virtual webinars for school, and how to both follow and connect with us on social media.


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