Unit 1: Identity

Essential Questions: How do internal and external factors contribute to the shaping of my identity and the identity of others? How do race, ethnicity, nationality, and culture shape identity?


Unit 2: Indigeneity and Roots

Essential Questions: Does everybody have indigenous roots?  What are some indigenous people seen as “civilized” and some “uncivilized?”  What makes a society “civilized?” Why do indigenous roots matter?


Unit 3: Colonization and Dehumanization

Essential Questions: Why is dehumanization a recurring theme in history and how has it impacted our society? How does narrative work to either humanize or dehumanize individuals and/or groups of people in society? How do social, political, and economic systems channel power? How does internal conflict within minority groups work to keep these groups oppressed?


Unit 4: Leadership, Resistance and Normalization

Essential Questions: How have political and social movements (past and present) either advanced or prohibited the experiences of minorities in America? How do systems impact people, how do people impact change in the system?


Unit 5: Transformation and Change

Essential Questions: What role do you and I play in the transformation of ourselves, our community and our larger society? This is where you will complete your final project.  This year it will be a collaboration with a group from CU called Lyripeutics, where we combine wellness and hip hop to make lasting change in our communities.


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