Clete Robinson

What does this piece represent? This piece represents my wellness and what I like to do.

Who were your influences? I did not have any influences for this piece; this is just what I wanted to do. No one really influenced me to play basketball. I influenced myself and taught myself everything I know honestly.

Why did you make the choices you did in depicting this topic? I made this choice because basketball is what I enjoy and what I want to do when I am older. I fell in love with basketball when I was 13 and I always dreamed of having a mixtape so I decided to make my own.

How does this demonstrate wellness, transformation and/or regeneration?  It shows transformation because you have to transform or adapt to each team you’re playing and the refs that ref the game. This also shows wellness because I like basketball and I don’t particularly like anything else. I just play basketball, that’s what I do and it’s what I want to do for a living. Basketball just makes me happy it contributes a lot to my wellness.


Cynthia Ibarra-Bedolla

This piece represents the constant feeling caused by the fact that I have to hide a huge part of me because of being afraid of denial from my family. That feeling and hiding that kind of thing comes with constant regret because I miss out on so much that I would want to do and be comfortable with myself but I can’t because of not being out yet. My influence was myself, it was myself because of all the things I have gone through just from simply having to hide something like that. I made the choice to make it about this topic because I heard ms. Carino talked about her example and using a mirror to compare two versions of herself, and i thought about how i could compare myself right now to the person i want to be one day, comfortable with myself doing what i want with no judgment. This demonstrates transformation because it shows me going from this person who is expected to be girly and act like a girl but who is more comfortable doing the complete opposite of that. 

Davion Martinez


  1. This piece represents music that makes me feel safe or gives me confidence to press forward and excel. This piece also represents songs that tend to cover my insecurities.
  2. I chose these songs because they make me feel the most which as someone who is not in tune with their emotions that often is nice. Even though some of them may not have lyrics they give me feelings of nostalgia or vulnerability etc… 
  3. This Represents wellness because these are songs that make me feel the most like myself and help me open up more. This can also represent regeneration because some of these songs don’t even have lyrics and they are quite possibly my favorite ones; I can just almost feel the raw emotion through the instruments as they play or as a beat drops. This really helps me feel in tune with myself as stated

Dazza Mascarenas

For  a while now I have been vibing to music from everywhere. The first song Is  called  “what they want” by Russ this song came out in 2016. He says “ What they want, what they want, dollar signs, yeah I know that’s what they want ” This tells me that he is saying that all the people want is his money and that’s why they are all up on him. He also says “Who wants me money? I’ll tell you who I don’t f*** with, Who pulling strings? I’m just pointing out the puppet”. This relates to me because a lot of fake friends want to come and be friends with you after you get money or a car, so when russ said i’m just pulling out the puppets meaning fake friends. The second song means more than it should mean to me. This song writer Freddy Fender is one of my grandma’s favorite people. This song “Before the next teardrop falls” My grandma always signed this song and I listen to it at least once everyday. After my grandma passed away I always cry to this song. Not only does it bring me happiness but it also hurts to know we won’t be singing this song together.  This next song is personal for me. This song is called “ Trust in me” she says “ I already told him the truth but he still don’t even trust in me no matter how many times i push some dudes to the side he still don’t trust in me” In my past relationships all the guys i have dated always claimed that i had someone else when I really didn’t have noone. The relationship I’m in is the best I have ever been in and I can say I don’t relate to this song anymore but it will always have a good vibe.  This song me and my dad sing together and it’s called “Looking for a new love” This song doesn’t mean much to me but it does always bring me and my dad together. We can sing this whole song and over play it. This next song alson me and my dad dance too, we like to have dance battles and just make eachother laugh. This song is called “More bounce with the ounce.” This song is like old school by zapp. I would say music like this always brings my family together well, at least my dad’s side. We enjoy music that makes us happy and makes us wanna dance and get everyone together. This next song is my last song and it’s more like a summer song. This song is called “Don’t tell ‘Em’ ‘ This song is like a lowkey song with a summer vibe at like 3 am in the morning just driving around with friends. The end of the day all of these songs will mean something to me. Music can do so much to take away depression and anxiety but also have happy vibes.


Estrella Cuevas

I am from …



My mom’s cooking

Mija portate bien o te va hagarar el chamuco

Do good in school so that you can get where you want to be

Es por ese teléfono

Having to ride the bus home when i was little because my mom didn’t have the money for a car.

Ponte a limpiar la casa
Do this do that

You don’t know how to do things right

Siguele cabrona

Waking up extra early to be on time to school

Hispanic parents

Hardships and accomplishments

The difficulties in my childhood…

Growing up in the lower-middle class wasn’t very easy.


Seeing my mom struggle to keep us from not having what we needed was heartbreaking. But I knew that she tried anything and everything to keep us happy.


I am proud of the fact that my mom has come a long way and has given us everything we’ve ever needed.

I am proud that She has become such a strong and independent woman. She has truly inspired me , she is the reason why I am who iam .


N0t only wasn’t my childhood hard because of how we were doing but because my dad was far away.

Him being in Mexico and us being here wasn’t so easy. monthly/yearly road trips.

Daily Facetime calls

Getting the bendicion over the phone

Having conversations over the phone about each others days

All of that wasn’t the same as being there with him.

But after many years he came to the United states.


We were all finally reunited as a family.


I was bullied in 4th and 5th grade

I guess I didn’t look like the rest of the students so they picked on me. I wouldn’t say anything back because I was scared.

If i could go back i would have stuck up for myself because i know that im strong, i shouldn’t have let anybody bring me down.

I will say that I was shy and I wouldn’t talk to anybody.

But it’s not just that I was/am shy. I choose to keep to myself because people are fake these days .

The people you call your so-called friends are always the ones that end up talking the most crap about  you.

There’s no such thing as friends.

But anywaysssss

I am GLAD to say that I have grown to become more talkative and have more potential in myself.


Artist statement

This piece represents who I am, what makes me me. But it’s not just about that, it also talks about my hardships/struggle and accomplishments.

My influences on this piece were my mom, dad, and myself of course.

I think that what I chose to write about has to say a lot about how it was for me growing up as a kid. I think that this piece of writing demonstrates wellness and transformation because even though I went through hard times I still found a way to get through it and become a better version of myself .


Hope-Scott Labode

That One Feeling

To start off, I’d like to shout out those down in the south.

The makers, the players, the history, the mystery

Of all that came to be.

The creativity you took to artistically take a look

At the depths and precepts of those around you

And make something that surrounds you

I thank you.

Now on to my story

I’d like to take the glory

to share that what I have is rare.

So I’ve been on this Earth for 17 years, almost 18 years

Deciding if i want to give two cares if my mind   really cares

Somehow i decide to keep on going

If my mind really knowing

If i wanna fight for this dude or is he a goon

Can I really afford this buffoon?

No, cuz he just not that dude.

I should really keep my eyes on the prize though and start really tryin tho

I can’t be scared and come such a crow and get really low cuz

You made me kinda small n im gettin real tall

I got a lot to give and a lot to forgive

Never letting yall see my moves

I’m a ghost in the moon

All these whispers and stares

Nah i don’t really care

Being a black girl stuck in these walls of judgment

Navigating through yalls bull shit

But truth is

I only pray

That one day

You all will behave

I’ll never have misfocus

I’m chokin on them voices i cannot refocus

Screamin and jumpin feeling scared and alone

Only for a few months did i feel this at home

Because theres some moments this feeling is only known but sometimes it feels so cold
But whats the point if i don’t know the difference

Forgetting who i am was never a sentence

To me as i grow older, i know what i can bestow her

Deserving of the world, its burning inside her

That burn that light to change the flight

Directions misconception now i know what i have to step in

Step up step out step up step about

Always been a saying now means much more then just some words

Growing into someone i want to be knowing who that is and what it means to me

Having goals having visions needing only my creativity

Perseverance and passion was all that really key’d to me

Navigation and proclamation leading me

Trying pleadingly

That i make it in this big ole world not meant for me

Not set out to be what i thought it’d be


 What does this piece represent?

This piece represents me in a more broad way. Not only does it talk about personal emotions but it shares how I deal with it and how it impacts my mental health.

Who were your influences?

Myself and my story.

Why did you make the choices you did in depicting this topic?

I just started writing and it all came together. I think the written word is definitely the best way I can express myself and what I go through.

How does this demonstrate wellness, transformation and/or regeneration?

This shows transformation because throughout this piece, I explain and express myself and I show how I do it.


Isaiah Johnson


  1. No Hook by Babyface Wood https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Th-YALQtVvw
  2. Dont love you back https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=C663vmdZOw
  3.  GlockBoy No Diss  .https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=86nZGOro2-U
  4. sleezyworld go sleazy walhttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jlgZ-aXCKcE
  5. 81 hundo Bobby whitneyhttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ild8zWHQTZw
  6. Ebk jaaybo The plughttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iyvINBTnR6k

Artist Statement

What does this piece represent?

This piece represents a certain lifestyle and culture,it also shows the way music has changed.

Who were your influences?

My influences were the artists that made the songs.

Why did you make the choices you did in depicting this topic?

I made my choice of choosing this because these songs are songs I play when I’m trying to get hyped up,when I’m just chillin and or when I’m trying to get in a better mood.

How does this demonstrate wellness, transformation and/or regeneration?

This demonstrates wellness because this is how I get my day started and also helps me get into a certain mood when I’m down.This also demonstrates transformation because it shows the way music has evolved like the beats and the flow they use.


Jackson Wetland 

This piece represents Joseph Saddler or the name you likely know Grandmaster Flash. Grandmaster flash was a huge innovator in the creation of hip hop and the cultural phenomenon it brings with it. He is also known as the first dj to use turntables as a musical instrument. His music has extended from the Bronx to across the globe and Although it’s not obvious on the surface but mental health is deeply connected with hip-hop culture. As a daily listener to hip hop I can tell you that it’s played a part in my self understanding and changes how I live my life based on the lyrics I hear and the beats that I feel. Hip hop has also been pushing for transformation of our systems since the eighties. Hip hop has uplifted and provided music for entire generations, speaking up for minorities everywhere.


Jasmine Brambila

My piece represents the difficulties of being a model in a changing world. Throughout decades, gender norms are commonly created that models “must” fit into, but lately, models have decided to stick outside of the norms. This represents how they were able to find the identity that best fit them and stick with it, even if it went against what is “correct” or “incorrect.” My influences were the art I have seen in the class and also the beauty of models who chose to go against what they “should” be wearing, like Harry Styles when he wears what might be considered “feminine” clothing or Billie Eilish who wears baggy clothes; that was her choice, no one should have the right to take your choices away from you. The choices I made when depicting this topic really affected my piece by making it more influential, I used many ripped or imperfect pieces from magazines to make the background and I used random letters  from the magazines that overall gave me a very eerie vibe due to the fact that the letters don’t all look the same. With these decisions, they became capable of representing the hardships that come with being a model in a changing society. This demonstrates transformation and regeneration because even though these people could be mentally harmed for liking these different things, they still do them because it is what makes them beautiful and it is what makes them who they are. It is representative of their art inside and out. So, through this board, it represents the applause I would give to these people to be willing to step outside the box.


Jeniffer Chavez-Casillas

This piece represents the love and passion I have for music, especially mariachi music and just all the new ideas that I will incorporate in the future.

My influences are all the artists of the songs I listen to now and also the women that are trying to get their spot in this style of music.

I made this video by adding first the clip of just a fun song to dance to and then a clip of me singing and then my sisters trying to dance.

This demonstrates wellness and regeneration because just like this music make me feel free i want to keep this music going so that more people can keep hearing it and that this will inspire others to also keep our traditions alive.


Justice Miranda

‘Scars on my Heart’

Born with a brain that sabotaged her heart

With a name her father gave her

God gave him justice

What did god give her?

Was it the bruises?

Was it the pain?

Was it the beloved scars she received?

Was it being born into a home that never had a chance?

A daughter should seal her lips

so tight that she can’t breathe ?

Don’t let your tongue slip

Don’t speak

Don’t say it

Don’t speak up

The consequences are yet to come

Never to receive the words

im sorry

from the man who is your father

Never the words out of his mouth

Never hear him whisper the words

Im sorry

But yet you still eat to much

You shouldn’t drink that

He poisoned your mind that you poisoned your body

Not one lie was pretty

Not one that was masked enough to make a day feel ok

Don’t be just a young daughter

Be the maid

Be the chef

No its still not enough

Be everything they ask you to be

Cause fuck you

You’re only a pile of clay

But the arent building art

There molding you

Molding you into who they want you to be

each one of them changing something

No she’s too lazy

No she isn’t doing it right

No she’s too young

No she’s too old


You can’t do anything right

But once they shatter you

And you aren’t that molded clay they made

They get furious

Run Just run

Save yourself

never stopping

Do it till the pain goes away

My heart can’t take it

I-i cant fix it

You’re brain is positioned to love

You crave it

Not only from your father

Or your mother

But from a family

You’re heart is only a fragment now

You gave away your love

Now you’re heart is filled with pain

The pain hasn’t left

They will never want anything from you

And you know it

But you cant let go

They Pierced  your heart

and mind  like a fishing rod

And you can’t get them out of your head

You walk everyday thinking about them

It’s been a year

But your not alone

You have a pillow of depression

Its holding your head

But it hurts

And anxiety as a blanket

You are stuck in the past

And your mind is racing about the future.

But you hope they don’t think about you

You never want them to speak about you

The dont have the right to say my name

Cause fuck you for never showing me how to be a daughter,how to love,how to be a mother, help me grow up

I did that by my own god damn self and i took care of me

I’ve done god damn circles

I screamed so loud

Looked all around

Everybody’s gone

I scream now

And nothing comes out

Hide in your room

Hide the tears in your eyes

You remember it

You Loved it when you cared for you

You loved it when you hugged you

You had fake hope tho

But you hated when his words stabbed you

It felt knifes down your throat hitting you’re heart

So please don’t ever utter  the name you said god gave me

Cause that girl is dead

And she was reborn

The pain is still the same

But she is growing into a woman

Merlin Cabedoce

This food means a lot for me. It represent the hard time that i passed through with my family. I chosed to do my final project on this piece because I love cooking, maybe from seeing my parents cooking but mostly because it brings me back with my parents and how we were. A strong connection and want to make our family great no matter what; Our joy ! Cooking makes me feel great and cooking part from the past brings all of the feeling I love back.


Sebashtian Juarez-Vera

This recording more than anything reflected my personal transformation, and how when my outlook changed so did my outcome, which was my regeneration. It was a commentary on everything from early childhood to current events, and the written song was the medium I chose to use to express it. My influences as far as music goes consists of most anyone i listen to (and that’s a lot) as far as influences in the song itself i remember in particular sandoval, my mom, and my grandparents. However since it was so introspective my main influence was  me. I chose to switch my “flow” or rhyme scheme when I emphasized a new point as well as I focused more on being descriptive and telling a story. I didn’t want my message to be lost in the music. Not making a hook  caused for a shorter song but I feel also forces the listener to pay attention the whole time. I think the piece shows my personal transformation and regeneration, though hip hop and in my element. That of an MC. However I also think it shows wellness in the fact I finally wrote, recorded, and presented something to the class. However it is very  raw so i do think it both adds to the authenticity and takes from the legitimacy.

Shujaa Khalaf

I am from Iraq



I am from small city

I am from arab culture

I am from

a culture of love




I am culture

I am love

I am manners

I am etiquette

I am different

Influenced by: Adolph Robert Thornton Jr. AKA Young Dolph (July 27 1985 – Nov 17 2021)


Sophia Vasquez 

This piece represents the voices that students can have. Also showing how the students are showing leadership and how we can bring the community together. The influencers would be the community around me. The main ones would be Mr.hernandez and many other teachers and especially my family and siblings. How I would make my choices in depicting my topic would be going through the experiences with my own teachers and seeing how hard he was trying to keep his job. Also, if you have noticed that many of these protests would be organized or participated by women. This demonstrates transformation because this had transformed me in a way because I used to be so quiet and not do public speaking and everything but after what I experienced and helped organize it had really shown me how to use my voice and start speaking more and more. This also demonstrates regeneration because we as students are trying to change the systems of schools to be more inclusive and better for the future systems. Also including many communities to help change.


Travis Warner

Visual Art inspired by Song

Violet Arnold


For me this piece means growing with people and eventually without. The people I have looked up to my whole life slowly go on their own paths and I can’t follow their footsteps if they aren’t going in the direction I want to follow. The different footsteps represent the different people in my life that I have looked up to and followed but as they continue, they branch off and go in different directions which is showing the transformation. The outline of the bird represents the freedom from going on a different path and the freedom of making your own decisions. The maps in the background don’t necessarily represent travel but the idea that I can go wherever in my life and grow apart from people without it being a bad thing. The image in the middle shows a pin on the location where the footsteps branch off which would be the point in life where independence and growth become apparent. This project ties back to identity as it conveys the idea that as you grow up, other people help shape your identity, but a lot of change can happen once you aren’t following them. I chose this for my project because as I’m slowly approaching college, I’ve realized part of me is scared of having this independence. As I put more thought into it, I understand that it doesn’t have to be scary but more of an indication of  growth and transformation.



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