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Below you can find testimonials from the Lyripeutics members on what the Digital Anthology means to them and the power of coming together through art.



Kalonji Nzinga

“The anthology came into existence through a community vibing together and creating a safe space for each other to share and grow.  It so happened that the Lyripeutics group began working on this anthology during global pandemic when all of the members (as well as the whole world) was really feeling the need to develop new wellness routines.  Art became a therapeutic process for us.  Storytelling became a way for us to rediscover some of the wellness practices from our communities that many segments of society invalidate.”

Karia White

“This digital anthology is about community vulnerability to me. It takes an unspeakable amount of radical honesty, joy and love for the community to share parts of your soul with the world. It is an amalgamation of what our relationships to and with each other are and serves as a testament to our ongoing struggle and collaboration. I am thoroughly impressed and in awe of this anthology. It engages a template for what true education can and should look like if we are willing to make different avenues of learning accessible.

Rage on my friends,



Alexander Williams

“To me, this Digital Anthology is a celebration of community, a symbol of like-minded individuals coming together through the healing power of art. While each member has had to undergo their own journey to get to where they are, I believe this Digital Anthology shows how everyone’s journey echoes each other’s. The Digital Anthology is just a small glimpse into the complex world we live in and hope to change.”


Shawn Trenell O’Neal

“The digital anthology operates as a connective tissue, a realm of existence for those of us in need of higher levels of self-awareness, cultural transference, and artistic escapism. This type of work is an alternative avenue for soul and spiritual awakening, self-identity, and ancestral connection. More importantly, this digital anthology has positioned me, in the space and grace of some of the most phenomenal people and community I could have ever imagined. Community and family can demonstrate itself in so many different ways.
Peace and Wellness To You All.
Shawn Trenell O’Neal”


Michael Acuna

“This anthology connects the creative educator’s vision and insight on the current world view. I’m inspired by all of the authentic expression and perspective that’s gone into this art. I believe This project is a time capsule of the early 20’s from a BIPOC point of the 21st century.”


Arturo Aldama

“Decolonize your mind.



Marlene Palomar

“The anthology is living radical love. It is healing and transformational. It highlights the voices, creativity, and vision of a community who genuinely care about our people, our voices, our hearts and souls. It has been a space for self discovery, comunidad, y perseverancia.”

Assétou Xango

“Belonging has always been the thing that I have searched for. Creating art with fellow black and brown creatives is the closest I’ve found. I love it here.”


Carla Cariño


“As a 22 year educator in public schools, the anthology represents to me what education can and should be when its decolonized. It validates and centers marginalized voices and shifts them to normalized. That in and of itself is one of the most powerful tools we have against the dominant narrative that still reigns supreme today. This anthology claims a seat at the table and demands better of our systems through artistic expression. I have been empowered in many ways by this work as it feeds my soul and inspires me to continue the good fight. I hope whoever happens upon it feels as inspired as me.
Yours in the struggle,
Carla Cariño”


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