Editor at the College of Western Idaho: Dr. Joel Gladd

Contributing Editors: Dr. Abby Goode, Timothy Robbins

Founding Editor: Dr. Robin DeRosa

Founding Research & Editorial Assistants:

Alisha Blanchette, Ryan Cameron, Shannon Griffiths, Hannah Hounsell, Kendal Lariviere, Rachel Levi, Leah Loraditch, David MacNeill, Samuel Metivier, Janina Misiewicz, Timothy Mooneyhan, Jonathan Neville, Jackie Parker, Kendall Panaggio, Simon Pierpont, Olivia Punch, Shana Rowe, Geneva Sambor, Justin Siewierski, Bethany Veith, David Walker

2016 Contributing Authors:

Kateri Bean, Ryan Davis, Lindsey DeRoche, Alexandria Dicentes, Isabelle Elsasser, Alexander Francione, Toni Gallant, Daniel Gannon, Brandin Gilson, Jesse Giordano, Cassandra Gray, Sandra Gurall, Olivia Hodsdon, Emily Holleran, Hannah Huckins, Taylor Hyer, Sarah Liebowitz, Robert Marra, J’lillian Mello, Jillian Moorse, Gerrit Morse, Meredith Ryan, Elizabeth Smith, Kameron Towle, Meganne Tuplin

2017 Contributing Authors:

Caitlin Andreasen, Amelia Berube, John J. Bush III, Jordan Cady, Kyle Cipollone, Rowan Finnegan Cummings, Kelsey Davis, Hannah Fitzgerald, Randy Garfield, Anna Greenwood, Tucker Hayford, Brittany John, Samantha Latos, Shayla Locke, Carmen Maura, Kristan McCoy, Willow Moulton, Casey Ouellette, Nicholas A. Prescott, Paige Schoppmann, Nathan Theriault, Marissa Vargas, Andrea Wasgatt, Katherine Whitcomb


The  Open Anthology of Earlier American Literature is an open textbook that began as a project by Robin DeRosa, professor at Plymouth State University, and her students, who were looking for a cost-savings anthology for their classroom. The project was later picked up by Abby Goode. Now, thanks to the guidance of lead editor, Timothy Robbins, assistant professor of English at Graceland University, collaborators from institutions around the U.S., and support from the Rebus Community, the anthology has since expanded to include more texts, and is now available for use in Early American Literature survey courses.

Robin DeRosa’s original textbook can be found here: https://openamlit.pressbooks.com/.

Timothy Robbins’s Rebus project can be found here: https://press.rebus.community/openamlit/.

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