We take immense pleasure in presenting this eBook, titled, ‘In search of Creativity: A compilation of international studies’. This book is a compilation of selected papers presented in the 2nd and 3rd International Symposium on Creative education organised in Tampere, Finland during year 2014 and 2015. This a series of symposium organised by Council for Creative Education, Finland. This is the first book in the series.

Council for Creative Education (CCE) is an international, research based, collaborative organisation which provides customised educational solutions to foster creativity and quality of education. We develop all-round programs for various stakeholders of education sector like students, teachersadministration, school management, support staff, parents & society. We support primary, secondary to higher education with education system reform, developing learner centre schools, creative pedagogy, quality assessment and performance development, professional development, ICT development and teacher training, as well as supporting innovations in vocational and higher education.We have our Head Office in Tampere (Finland) and have collaborators in more than 13 countries.

CCE organises this symposium on Creative education to give a platform for researchers, educators to come together and share ideas, experiences and experiments about creativity in education. This attracts educators and researchers from all across the globe. We have received delegates from Algeria, Turkey, Azerbaijan, Bahrain, France, Greece, Italy, Nepal, India, Czeck republic, Denmark, Finland, United States, Russia, Japan, Nigeria, Ghana, Hongkong, Switzerland, Canada, United Kingdom, Netherland, Poland, Portugal.

We thank all the delegates who participated in all our conferences till now. We are also thankful to our partners City of Tampere, Steiner school of Tampere, University of Tampere for always being supportive. All the contributing authors have done an excellent job and we are thankful to them. The important work of article review has been done faithfully by our review committee, we thank them from bottom of our heart.

The school principals, teachers, studnets and our speakers at the conferences have been wonderful. Thanks to them as well. Last but not the least, we are thankful to Dr. Dev Raj Acharya, who inspite of his busy schedule took some time to do the editing of this book.

We invite all educators and researchers to join us in this search of creativity through our symposiums. Let’s make the world a better place for exhibiting and implementing creativity.

Shirin Kulkarni, Director & Co-Founder, CCE

Heramb Kulkarni, Head, Strategy and ICT development & Co-Founder, CCE


In Search of Creativity: A compilation of international studies Copyright © 2016 by CCE Finland Oy. All Rights Reserved.

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