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The Third Way Forum is an association of accomplished Japanese and international business professionals working to create a new global organizational culture in Japan. Our mission is to shape a new corporate culture (the Third Way) that makes companies more competitive globally by developing a solution-oriented, collective voice of international business professionals and helps their successful inclusion into the Japanese business society. We aim to improve the working environment for all professionals, accompanied by their sense of fulfilment with work in Japan.

We hope that you could benefit from the experiences of international business professionals working and living in Japan to look at new ways to adapt to global changes taking place in the country. Such big changes are caused by digitalization, internationalization, an ageing workforce, new work style expectations and the need to integrate better the talents of multicultural business professionals and genders into the Japanese business society and public policy, just to mention the obvious ones.

Members and participants of the Third Way Forum meet regularly to share their experiences, suggestions and explore as-yet-unexperienced ideas within the framework of tangible, practical, and sustainable options for real individuals and companies to implement.  The summary of our weekly discussion is always posted on our website. We would love to have you at the Third Way Forum to discuss your issues and find solutions together. Please join us through the link below.

Third Way Forum:  https://indigoblue.co.jp/thirdway/


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