This tool is a free site that exists in order to provide the users with a dashboard made up of a variety of sources with related links on a specific topic of their choice. It is a means to gather information from different sources and aggregate them all onto one homepage(your dashboard) while being separated by sources. Each source, for example: Bing news, will have a box and within the box it will provide you with links related to your search query. It is a clean and manageable way to organize the information you need.

You should use AddictOMatic if you have a topic you are interested in and want to learn more about it from different sources. Rather than going to your different sources every time, you can learn about the topic in one clean space. It will provide you with the “latest buzz on any topic”. It will keep you up to date with the latest news, blog posts, video, and images (http://addictomatic.com/about)


How to use

The search strategies for the tool are similar to the basic search strategies you would use for any search engine. Just enter your query and then create your page.

  1. First you will want to go to the homepage which you can easily find by googling AddictOMatic.  Here you have the option of either (a) entering a customized search query and creating a search for it in the search bar below:                                                                          OR (b) picking one of the already made queries which are found under the search bar( as you can see below), which come with their already programmed customized sources which are different from the sources you will find if you do your own search.
  2. After you have hit the create button, you will see boxes which are from different sources such as Bing News and Google Blog Search.
  3. If you want to change the sources in your dashboard, simply click on available sources and check/uncheck to customize your dashboard.
  4. To change the look of your dashboard, you can drag around the sources boxed and put them in an order you prefer. Then in order to save that custom view you created, just save the page as a bookmark. If you have a source box on your dashboard that you no longer want to appear there, just click the  at the top of the box to make it disappear.
  5. If you are interested in bookmarking/sharing click on the tab and you will have to option to share with Facebook, stumble upon, Del.icio.us, and Twitter.

Comparison with Google Web search

Compared to a standard Google Web search, AddictOMattic will provide you with a larger variety of types of results.  For example, you are getting news, blogs, videos, and images all in one place. Although you may be searching for News on a few different sources, the topic results are usually different and provide you with the best from each place. In a normal Google Web search if you were to search, for example [healthy eating] for a few weeks straight you will probably consistently get the same results. On the other hand, in AddictOMattic you have the chance to constantly update your results since you can change the sources you are getting the information from and you are getting the most recent and popular results from each source.

In AddictOMattic, you have more options for the types of results you can search for. Not only can you search for the option google has available such as news and blogs, but you can also look at social media information on sites such as twitter. This allows you to gather information from a wider option of mediums and create a perspective that includes a variety of information.


One weakness of the tool is its inability to show additional news in a source box on the dashboard without having to go to the source’s page itself. This can be frustrating because there are only about five results for each source and if you want more you need to open a whole new web page. Contrary, if you are doing a normal Google Web search you can continue to scroll down and see results until you find a results you are interested in.

Another weakness is the options of preprogrammed topics that you can click on for an already made search with its own customized sources. There are some topics such as Web 2.0 and Thought 2.0 that are very random. After clicking on these and reading through the subheadings it is hard to understand exactly what type of info they are meant to convey. Finally, if AddictOMatic was able to have more preprogrammed search options it would add to the user-ability of the site and reach more interests.

How to get the most out of it

Helpful Hints: 

  1. Customize your sources and play around with them to understand which ones will work best for the topic you are searching
  2. If you have a topic that you frequently like to learn about, bookmark the page with your sources so you do not have to keep on changing the sources
  3. Create a shortcut and add it to your tool bar for easy access
  4. When you click on a link it will bring you to that page, rather than open a new page with your link. Be aware that if you click on a link you will have to click on the back button to go back to the main AddictOMattic homepage screen.
  5. If your topic of search is related to one of the already in place searches on the homepage, definitely use these! They have different sources which are tailored to the search. For example, if you click on gossip one of the sources is Perez Hilton’s website.


If you are looking for one time/quick information, it would be better to go to a standard Google Web search. It would be faster and get you the relevant information you need without having to look at all different sources. If you are looking to get information from not only a variety of sources but also different types of information in one spot, such as news, blogs, and videos from various places use AddictOMattic.

AddictOMatic is made for you to learn about what the latest news is on a certain topic. So, if you are looking for an answer to a question or trying to find the cheapest train ticket to Chicago, this site is not for you. It is not meant to help you with a problem you need to find the answer to, a Google Web search would be more appropriate in that case.

Finally, similar to the helpful hint #5, AddictOMattic is a great tool to use if you are searching for one of the preprogramed topics. If you have the choice between searching one of preprogramed topics on AOM or on google, go for AOM as it will give you sources you would not have thought of checking.


An annotated list of relevant links/resources.

This is the site for info about Addictomatic: http://addictomatic.com/about, http://addictomatic.com/faq

This is the site for comparison to google: http://www.google.com/

This is the site for general info and opinions: http://techcrunch.com/2008/05/01/news-fiends-can-get-their-fix-with-addictomatic/


Romina Reversi is a senior in the Ross School of Business. Upon graduation she will begin start a full time position as an fixed income analyst at BNP Paribas Corporate and Investment Bank, the company she interned for this past summer. Prior to BNP, Romina interned at The Related Companies. On campus she is a member of Sigma Kappa Sorority and Delta Sigma Pi Professional Business Fraternity.



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