Cover and story photos were provided by the adoptees. Some are posted on Facebook.

Adoptees on the book cover include: Andy Hill, Ben Chosa, Bridget Sweet, Suzie Fedorko, Debby Poitras, Diane Tells His Name, Evelyn Red Lodge, Gail Huggard, Jessup Neubert, Joan Kauppi, Leland Morrill, Meschelle Linjean, Anecia Tretikoff, Rhonda Serges, Thomas Pierce, Trace L Hentz, Martina Bodonie, Johnathan Brooks, Drew Rutledge, and the Lost Bird of Wounded Knee.

Zintka Lanuni “Lost Bird” was orphaned in the Battle of Wounded Knee (29-12-1890) and taken away from her tribal family by General Leonard Wright Colby. (No date – Photographer unknown)

Lost Sparrow photos were supplied by filmmaker Chris Billing.

Mary Annette Pember supplied photos for her stories.

Stephanie Woodard supplied a photo for her story.

The Navajo Times granted us permission to run their story and photo.

Cover Design: Kim Pitman (second edition)


Two Worlds Copyright © 2017 by Hentz, Trace L. All Rights Reserved.

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