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    How DigiPo Defines a “Fact”

    We take a rather old-fashioned view of what a “fact” is in this text. For us, a fact is a claim about which there is general agreement by people in the know. Most claims aren’t facts and aren’t intended to be presented as facts. People make claims all the time. I may claim that Mulholland Read more »

    How to Think about Research

    This brings us to my third point, which is how to think about research articles. People tend to think that newer is better with everything. Sometimes this is true: new phones are better than old phones and new textbooks are often more up-to-date than old textbooks. But the understanding many students have about scholarly articles Read more »

    Evaluating a Website or Publication’s Authority

    Authority and reliability are tricky to evaluate. Whether we admit it or not, most of us would like to ascribe authority to sites and authors who support our conclusions and deny authority to publications that disagree with our worldview. To us, this seems natural: the trustworthy publications are the ones saying things that are correct, Read more »