New Trainer being evaluated                                                                                                 

Faculty Evaluator                                                                                                                      

Number of training sessions observed.                                                                                

In addition to meeting the criteria for competency as an abortion provider, a trainer must be able to:

Training Skills

N/A Did not experience


Developing Competence


Discuss tenets of reproductive justice (RJ) with trainee, including importance of self reflection.
Discuss perceived skills and training needs with learner prior to start of session and cases
Involves trainee in each aspect of case, with as much hands-on teaching as possible
States objectives for each training day
Encourages trainee to ask questions
Answers questions clearly, citing evidence/resources when appropriate
Uses variety of teaching methods including cases, role plays, “what if” scenarios, didactics based on trainees learning preferences
Discusses approaches to steps of procedure
Demonstrates knowledge of site specific protocols
Reviews chart & informed consents
Reviews / interprets US, labs, history with trainee
Refrains from using gendered terms as appropriate
During Procedure
Uses respectful/gender inclusive language free

of medical jargon

Demonstrates non-judgmental attitude towards the patient and demonstrates compassion
Demonstrates clear communication with patient
Lets trainee solicit /answer patient questions
Confirms exam findings (e.g. uterine position)
Teaches “no touch” technique; provides feedback
Provides feedback about trainee’s attention to patient comfort during procedure
Takes over a case when appropriate without disturbing the patient or undermining the trainee
Provides feedback to the trainee after each procedure, and at the end of session
Reviews elements of tissue exam with trainee
Reviews post procedure orders with trainee
Reviews patient’s contraceptive options (including EC) and contraindications with trainee
Models respectful attitude towards staff
Asks for feedback from trainee / peers
Models and teaches trainee attention to clinic flow


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Evaluation by Trainer:

☐ Approved      ☐ Further orientation and observation suggested


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