I consider the journey of my life a tapestry of memories.  The paths I have chosen to explore during the capstone process have contributed to my personal and professional development.  Whether perceived as positive or negative, the ventured pathways represent threads that have contributed to my fabric of me.  The past 16 months as an OTD student has added yet another colorful strand to this significant work in progress.  This fiber represents the complexities, yet sincerity associated with the new knowledge I have obtained because of my OTD program and the implementation of my capstone project.  Although at times rocky and somewhat unsteady, I will be forever grateful for the wealth of information I have obtained and the diverse group of individuals I have met along this chosen route.  The color and range of possibilities this achievement has added to my tapestry of life are magnificent!  Although bittersweet, it is time to ramble on.  My goal now is to pursue new opportunities provided by this experience and to share what I have learned through my 16-month OTD venture with a diverse number of individuals, communities, and populations.  It is my hope that I can provide them with the support and guidance needed to pursue the path of occupational justice, whatever that may be, and wherever that may lead. After all, no thread of experience, whether good or bad, is wasted.  Rather, it adds to the remarkable beauty of a tapestry in progress.

To be continued……..

Glynn Smith, OTD


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