All chapters originally published on Hybrid Pedagogy: the journal of critical digital pedagogy, unless otherwise noted.

  1. Occupy the Digital: Critical Pedagogy and New Media by Pete Rorabaugh [2012]
  2. Technology 101: What Do We Need To Know About The Future We’re Creating? by Howard Rheingold [1998, republished on Hybrid Pedagogy in 2014]
  3. Maggie’s Digital Content Farm by Audrey Watters [2014]
  4. A Guide for Resisting Edtech: the Case against Turnitin by Sean Michael Morris and Jesse Stommel [2017]
  5. Disruptive Pedagogy and the Practice of Freedom by Julie Fellmayer [2018]
  6. Our Bodies Encoded: Algorithmic Test Proctoring in Higher Education by Shea Swauger [2020]
  7. Critical Pedagogy: Intentions and Realities by Maha Bali [2014]
  8. Why Start With Pedagogy? 4 Good Reasons, 4 Good Solutions by Cathy N. Davidson [2015, republished from HASTAC]
  9. Best Practices: Thoughts on a Flash Mob Mentality by Janine DeBaise [2014]
  10. But You Can’t Do That in a STEM Course! by Karen Cangialosi [2018]
  11. Travelling in Troy With an Instructional Designer by Jonan Phillip Donaldson [2019]
  12. Building in the Humanities Isn’t New by Robin Wharton [2013]
  13. Three Lines of Resistance: Ethics, Critical Pedagogy, and Teaching Underground by Kris Shaffer [2014]
  14. Listening for Student Voices by Sean Michael Morris and Chris Friend [2013]
  15. On, On, On by Kate Bowles [2014, republished from Kate Bowles’s blog]
  16. A Lecturer’s Almanac by Katie Rose Guest Pryal [2013]
  17. Adjunctifcation: Living in the Margins of Academe by Tiffany Kraft [2013]
  18. Librarian as Outsider by Nora Almeida [2015]
  19. Contingent Mother: The Role Gender Plays in the Lives of Adjunct Faculty by Margaret Betz [2014]
  20. Making Disability Part of the Conversation: Combatting Inaccessible Spaces and Logics by Richard H. Godden and Anne-Marie Womack [2016]
  21. Amplifying Indigenous Voices by Sue Renes [2014]
  22. Finding My Voice as a Minority Teacher by Chris Friend [2014]
  23. Correctional Pedagogy: Prison Reform and Life-or-Death Learning by Joseph Stommel [2014]
  24. The Pleasures, the Perils, and the Pursuit of Pedagogical Intimacy by Danielle Paradis [2014]
  25. Practice and Performance: Teaching Urban Literature at the Less than Liberal Arts by Aisha Damali Lockridge [2014]
  26. A Pedagogy of Kindness by Catherine Denial [2019]
  27. Beyond Rigor by Pete Rorabaugh, Sean Michael Morris, and Jesse Stommel [2013]
  28. Conversations: Instructional Design, Trust, and Discovery by Sean Michael Morris and Joshua Eyler [2016]
  29. Learning at the Intersections by Amanda Licastro [2017]
  30. In Public: The Shifting Consequences of Twitter Scholarship by Bonnie Stewart [2015]
  31. The Rules of Twitter by Dorothy Kim [2014]
  32. Social Media, Service, and the Perils of Scholarly Affect by Lee Skallerup Bessette [2015]
  33. Textual Communities: Writing, Editing, and Generation in Chicana Feminism by Annemarie Pérez [2015]
  34. Love in the Time of Peer Review by Marisol Brito, Alexander Fink, Adam Heidebrink-Bruno, Rolin Moe, Kris Shaffer, Valerie Robin, Robin Wharton, and Chris Friend [2014]


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