This volume is a collection of our own writing over the last seven years, but it is made possible by a wide network of collaborators and contributors to our educations, thoughts, understanding, and insights. Sean and Jesse would like to acknowledge the ongoing, persistent, and brilliant contributions of a few of our closest friends and colleagues: Audrey Watters, Bonnie Stewart, Cathy Davidson, Howard Rheingold, Martha Burtis, and Christopher R. Friend. Your work inspires and inhabits so many of the sentences here.

We’d also like to thank every writer and editor who has contributed to Hybrid Pedagogy. You are the drum beat thrumming beneath this collection. And the educators who’ve taught, presented, gathered at Digital Pedagogy Lab. You are the community pushing us to more deeply realize the stakes of this work.

Sean would like to thank Jesse Stommel, for being a hard-ass and never letting me quit; Amy Collier, who has remained a valued colleague through thick and thin; and all the students who have been my teachers. I would especially like to thank my family: my husband, Matthew Morris, who supported and continues to support the emotional labor of pedagogy, running a journal, and directing an international event; Fio Law, whose insights into social justice, and identity formation and politics has challenged me to keep learning; Ingrid Law, for always staying interested and for caring for the dogs when England calls; and my mother, Linda Bolsen, who was the first person to teach me that imagination had intellectual value and credibility.

Jesse would like to thank the four teachers who most helped as I found my way to the work of teaching, Sean Michael Morris, R L Widmann, Martin Bickman, and Marian Keane. My first moments as a teacher in a classroom were with the four of you. So much of the teacher I’ve become turns upon those moments. I would also like to thank my family, particularly my mom and dad, Chris De Bruin and Joe Stommel. Your work in the world, and the empowering and compassionate way you approach it, lives inside my pedagogy. Thanks (and adoration) to my husband and best friend, Joshua Lee. And my daughter, Hazel Mae Stommel-Lee, a world-champion snuggler who kicks the ass of the world every single day.  Finally, every bit of this is dedicated to the amazing students and teachers I’ve worked with throughout my career.

We both acknowledge that this work comes to life most fully in dialogue, so we offer a final nod to those who’ve read, watched, listened, engaged, responded as this work has unfolded. Thank you.


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