Gardening has many benefits, physically, mentally, and socially. When used as an intervention, either on a community or individual level, people’s lives improve. The workbook paired with this essay is designed to help people cultivate ecocentrism within themselves using the skills discussed in this paper. In it, we will begin cultivating ecocentrism by mindfully caring for a house plant. Once we understand how our actions and home environment can affect the growth of this plant, we will move outside to our garden and watch for the ways different aspects of our environment interact. Once we understand the systems in our environment, we will apply ourselves to this system and our community to stimulate growth in ourselves and our surroundings. Through the knowledge in this paper and the guidance of the workbook, we will be able to build a more beneficial environment for everyone and everything in our community. To start cultivating ecocentrism within yourself, you can find the workbook here.