The nature of this project required massively collaborative work spanning multiple classes. Traditional authorship attribution doesn’t apply to this book because different classes took different approaches to their work, and tasks spanned teams, semesters, even years.

The following students created, revised, and edited the content of this book; their combined efforts created the work you now see.

Initial-Draft Chapter Authors

Chapter 1 — Reading Rhetorically

  • Deanna Falciglia
  • Caleb Kroh

Chapter 6 — First Drafts

  • Brandi Bain
  • Aliani Hawkins
  • Zarrar Nashman

Chapter 7 — Editing & Revision

  • Bridget Bosca
  • Anthony Fontana
  • Joseph Perrotta

Final-Review Authors

Content Team

  • Angélica Molina
  • JP Schellenberg
  • Stasi Donovan-Banks

Visuals Team

  • Nicholae Robinson
  • Naomi Nash

Extras Team

  • Navi Charles
  • Kaelan Racculia
  • Kaitlyn Turmel

Editorial Team

  • Arthur Sodermark
  • Brooke Morgan
  • Connor Chapman
  • Gianna Policari


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