1.1 (Winter 2017)

Sarah Rose Huff
Assistant Editor, Feudal Endeavor

This issue is composed of four articles written by undergraduate scholars from Fitchburg State University. The articles contained therein explore the medieval texts which inspired Tolkien, as well as how his experience in WWI affected the work of the author and his peers. “The Pearl and Lord of the Rings” compares the themes of purity and paradise found within both works of literature. “The Melding of Anglo-Saxon Themes in The Lord of the Rings” explores Tolkien’s use of ruins in Lord of the Rings, and how the environment is used to communicate overarching themes. “The Medieval and the Modern within Tolkien’s The Lord of the Rings” discusses how WWI effected Tolkien and his peers, specifically how the war affected the written works that followed it. Finally, “Politically Driven or Out for Blood? A Closer Look at Grendel and Gollum as Villains” encourages the reader to look for signs of humanity within the villains of Beowulf and Lord of the Rings. Each article takes a unique approach to interpreting Tolkien’s literary work through the medieval texts that inspired him.


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