9 Authors are Normal People

Camille Oates

Often, we get engrossed in a piece of literature that’s so good we wonder who or what the creator is. For every writer, it is the goal to produce materials that are so relatable and amazing that the readers are in a state of awe. Writing is an author’s life’s work, something they are passionate about, and as a result, often put their best foot forward, hence the tremendous impact that mover readers to the awe moment. Often the writing is so astonishing it would appear some mythical, magical creature wrote them; however, writers are regular everyday people working and stressing about the little things we worry about daily. Writers take extra care and effort to ensure their work meets the expectations of its intended targets, which are their readers. Readers come to expect a certain pedigree of work for their authors. To maintain the standards set, writers go above and beyond to avoid disappointment. Writers are exceptional, and their writing has the power to get one hooked on their every word and leave one craving more. However, this power is not like the power of the superhero we see in the movies. Writers are not on an episode of the tv show charmed; they can’t magically wave a wand or snap their fingers and cha-pow, and a perfectly written piece is presented and ready for our reading pleasure. In the finished product, we see results from their hard work, sweat, tears, and sometimes blood. The result is a testament to their ability to write and produce words worth reading. It does in no way mean they have super-writing powers. Nor are they above us looking down. They are regular people who work hard to get the right words onto pages and into the hands of their readers.

Social Butterflies

Writers are social butterflies; writers have always been public figures, but social media has made it more evident. Being a social butterfly works in an author’s favor in the social media era. Writers draw inspiration from their surroundings, the environment, the people, and the world. Previously writers needed a publisher, an editor, and an agent to do their bidding for them; most still do and already have. However, today, social media is the publishing house, the agent, and the inspiration. A writer’s goal is to write—something their readers will understand, relate to, and possibly love. The expectation is clear; the next step is reaching the audience. Today self-promotion is vital; all a writer needs is a camera with a microphone and a working keyboard. Social media is the writer’s platform. The audience is readily available with live and sometimes interactive feedback. Posting one’s work online today is a means of self-promotion, with the hopes that someone with some form of status or connection can help and possibly point one in the direction of such help, especially if the writer doesn’t already have a representative. The importance of a blank canvas to an artist is the same way readers are to writers. Without them, there is no writing. Socializing, connecting, and networking are the key components of a writer, seeing that their work relies heavily on the public’s response and approval. Being the social butterflies writes are, they can be found in everyday places interacting with ordinary people. A writer’s writing process may require them to write in silence; however, writers are never alone, and writing is never an individual endeavor. Writers are some of the most approachable, friendliest, honest, and hardworking human beings. They can draw you in with the words they produce. They are welcoming, gentle, and trusting.


Writers are talented beyond some people’s comprehension. The majority of the time, writers do their best work without any form of help. After drawing their motivations from their respective places, they get to work. They can write a novel in one sitting if they are up for it. Producing materials so impressive or relatable, you question if you were a subject in the author’s study. But just like any other profession, some people are just naturally gifted. They find out what they are good at and do whatever is possible to do it for as long as possible. To non-writers, writing is an exceptional skill; it is what someone loves and dedicates their time, effort, and energy towards then definitely it will show in the work they produce. Writers are resilient; they can handle the occupational necessity of rejection, the uncertainty of publications, and the day-to-day struggles they face just living and trying to maintain their sanity. They have bad days where they feel like giving up and walking away. Especially when it appears nothing is going right. There are days when those responses are negative, rejection and criticism are at an all-time high, and sometimes the lack of motivation to even lift a finger to produce work. This struggle is a lifelong process that writers encounter. And this is a struggle writers endure and often surpass without assistance. They have developed coping mechanisms and support networks to make themselves healthy in ways that do not include substance abuse.

Writing is not effortless; it requires patience, planning, and careful consideration. Writers do not write just because it is not a pastime or a passion; writing is a job, a career, and should be acknowledged and given credit and respect it deserves. Writers are essential; they deserve proper compensation for their dedicated hard work. Writers tell us stories, whether fiction or non-fiction story. Writers make up a necessary profession we badly need. Writing isn’t a breeze; writing requires time, focus, and dedication. It is a complex profession that demands more appreciation and recognition than it receives. Even though writers often write alone, they are never truly alone. Like regular people, writers have people in their corners encouraging, cheering, and motivating them to be the best they can be. People behind the scenes help make the writer and the writing possible. Publishers- are required to publish the finished product, and editors- writers cannot be their editors; it is not easy to see one’s mistakes. Sometimes a fresh pair of eyes is needed to complete the job. Writing Agents may be something other than a profession in demand, not with us living in the social media era. Self-promoting is what social media represents. The spouse of a writer is the glue that holds it all together; they have a front-row seat to the struggles that go into writing read-worthy materials; they help to regulate the writer and keep the home front calm and organize for the writing process to smooth.

Last but certainly not least is the readers, the writer’s audience- if there were no readers, there would be no writers. The readers are the key that keeps the writers relevant. Writers are intellectuals with extraordinary visions whose value should reflect in the payment received. They must be respected and receive equal pay, compensation that reflects an appreciation. Not as if their work is something other than that of non-professionals trying a side hustle. There is an enormous amount of labor required to produce quality writing. Because writers aren’t mythical and magical, they run into the fear of rejection; however, since they are resilient and accept rejection and criticism as a lifelong journey for them, they adjust and keep moving. Like everyday working-class people face criticism and rejection, writers are like everyday people trying to make it do whatever it takes to make it to the next day.


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