wrathofcohen> hi guys

<freddieb> yay your back

<callmecheese> **you’re**

<wrathofcohen> Thanks for the pizza.

<ferret> How’s it going?

<wrathofcohen> Next checkup on Wed. Nervous.

<ferret> good luck

<chookchaser> {{{wrathofcohen}}}

<wrathofcohen> Saw Sara Esfahani’s doc finally, the full version. Amazing. So cool seeing ferret in it.

<callmecheese> And Shad. Her brother was one of the nine.

<wrathofcohen> Wow, really? I’m so out of touch. Where was Shad in the film?

<Gargle> All over it. The reverse sting was her idea.

<wrathofcohen> Wait, Shad’s the girl? The one who made it all happen? ::reels::

<ferret> Shad, what’s the latest on your brother?

<ferret> Pinging Shad.

<Fa1staff> she brb-d.

<DoDec> He took a plea for time served. A lot less time than the informant who got them all in trouble, which seems right.

<Shad> I’m back. Was helping someone with her CS homework. Say hi to my friend Wheeze.

<ferret> welcome Wheeze.

<Gargle> welcome, friend-of-Shad.

<Wheeze> Nice to be here.

<wrathofcohen> You mean the one who called himself Zip? Yeah, the film said he had outstanding warrants in three states.

<DoDec> They competed to see who would get to lock him up first. Michigan won.

<Fa1staff> The FBI goon who cooked it all up got promoted, though. HULK SMASH

<ferret> Are you tutoring, Shad?

<Shad> If that means getting paid, then no.

<Fa1staff> if $$ then tutoring else (0=exploitation)

<Shad> hee. She’s a friend. But funny b/c we were just working on conditional statements.

<Shad> she got it when I gave this example: if privacy then freedom else tyranny.

<Fa1staff> that’s not code, that’s a bumper sticker

<Kadabra> if slogan then t-shirt

<Wheeze> I’m on it. Have t-shirts, will silkscreen.

<Shad> his shirts are AWESOME

<Gargle> Srsly? Could use some for a promotion. DM me, Wheeze.

<callmecheese> Wasn’t there a reddit thread on if-then jokes?

<Fa1staff> NOOOOO

<inky> how many programmers does it take to change a lightbulb?

<ferret> grooooaaaaaaan not that again.

<callmecheese> **light bulb**. It’s two words.

<Wheeze> I’ll bite. how many?

<inky> Zero. It’s a hardware problem. HAHAHA

<Wheeze> hahaha groan. Full disclosure, I don’t code and the only hardware I fix is small motors and manual typewriters. I’m not really a computer guy.

<ferret> No problem. if Shad’s friend then welcome.


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