We are very appreciative of our colleagues at Royal Roads University, including the faculty, librarians, and staff who have provided support, ideas, contributions, and feedback during the preparation of this volume. We are particularly grateful to the authors of the case studies accepted for publication for their commitment of time and ideas to this volume. A special thanks goes out to the peer reviewers whose feedback to earlier versions of the case studies was timely, incisive, and encouraging. Also, we would like to thank Jean Pakvis, Senior Marketing Specialist, and George Balino, Senior Designer, at RRU for their production of the book covers and Margot Bracewell, Executive Assistant, Office of the Vice President Academic, for her coordination and administrative expertise. As well, we are grateful to Keith Webster, Cathy Pretorius, and Anthony Manning from the Centre for Teaching and Educational Technologies for their timely assistance in getting this book ready for production and printing.

Three special acknowledgements are in order. First, we are very appreciative and indebted to Myriam Legault for her project management, editorial, copy-editing, and stewardship skills. Her consistent enthusiasm, extreme patience, and hands-on diligence made all the difference in the world to the editorial committee. Secondly, we would like to thank Dr. Allan Cahoon, President and Vice-Chancellor of Royal Roads University for his tireless and enthusiastic support for our learning and teaching model. Finally, the cases described in this book would not have been possible without the dedication, enthusiasm, and inspiration of our Royal Roads University students.



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