This book was created by the students in Cathie LeBlanc’s Fall 2017 sections of Plymouth State University’s CM2770 (Introduction to Media and Cultural Studies). As we learned about various media and created overviews of the history, current business issues, business models, and possibilities for the future of each medium, we realized that the students were learning and sharing a lot of useful information. So we decided to create this book for others to use.

The students in the Fall 2017 sections who contributed to this text are:

Section 1: Lindsay Brenner, Keegan Burch, Allie Butterfield, Samuel Kfoury, Samantha Knapton, Tucker McIlwrath, Jacob Mikucki, Michael Noone, Lauren Pearce, Seth Prue, Nicholas Pulliam, John Roberts, Jessica Shaw, Hannah Sheehan, Alexis Turner, Etienne Vongerichten, and Jonathan Young; and,

Section 2: Austin Anderson, Hunter Boyce, Andrew Derby, Alexis Fagen, Kayla Gagne, Eric Harmon, Victoria Jollimore, Eklutna Kenney, Christine Lambert, Alison Louie, Amy Luther, Grace McKeon, Elizabeth Morrissette, Erica Morrissette, David Muite, Riley Murray, Juliana Nagel, Simon Pierpont, Bridget Sullivan, Blair Taylor, David Thrumston, David Varney, Quinn Weldon, and Taylor Wright.

The book is in progress. Please excuse our mess as we create, remix, and revise things.

Our work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.

If you would like to edit, revise, remix our work, please send an email to Cathie LeBlanc at and I will send you a file to import into your own Pressbooks shell. When you create a new version, please credit me and my students by including an introductory page with our names and a link back to this original text:


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Introduction to Media Studies Copyright © by cathieleblanc is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License, except where otherwise noted.

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