This book of microfiction took shape during the Digital Pedagogy Lab of August 2021. The stories are 100 words long at most; many are shorter, even much shorter — just 6 words long. There are some one-sentence stories that we wrote collaboratively; yes, you really can write sentences that are 100 words long! Some writers contributed bilingual stories. Other writers experimented with retelling the same story in different lengths. You’ll find stories about our pandemic times, traditional myths and legends, spooky stories, memoirs… all powered by the creative imagination of the writers who generously agreed to share their work here.

The paragraph you just read is 100 words long, as is this paragraph. As you read through the 100-word (and shorter) stories, you’ll see that they go by very quickly, but you can slow down when you find a story that you like. Read it again. Read it out loud. Let it sink in. Ponder the details. You might supply some details from your own imagination, or even decide to write your own microfiction. You can find out more about writing microfiction in How to Write 100-Word Stories: A Manual of Very Short Microfiction, a free book online at



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