AP: Advanced Placement
Student in high school can take college level courses approved by the College Board and take an exam to be eligible to earn college credit.

BTW: By The Way

CCSS: Common Core State Standards

A set of learning standards sponsored by the National Governors Association designed to align K-12 math teaching the United States.

A free online graphing calculator. A resource for online math activities.

ELL: English Language Learner

IEP: Individual Education Plan
Students with disabilities receive accommodations or modifications to the curriculum. The IEP is a legal document listing the services a student receives.

MTBoS: Math Twitter Blog-o-Sphere
An online community of math education professionals.

NCTM: National Council of Teachers of Mathematics

Notice and Wonder
A protocol where students examine a context without a question. They are asked to record as many observations and questions as they can about the context. Teachers may choose to end here, present a particular question or offer students the option to pursue a question of their choosing.

PLN: Professional Learning Network

A group of teachers use the hashtag SwDMathChat to communicate about teaching math to students with disabilities. They meet every other Thursday for a facilitated discussion.

Three Act Lesson
A format for a classroom task where learners first see a context with limited information. Act one is the motivation. During act two students receive information and solve a problem. Act three shows the conclusion of the original context and may set up a sequel/extension.

TMC: Twitter Math Camp
A summer conference run by teachers for teachers.

WODB: Which One Doesn’t Belong?
Students examine four different objects and decide which one doesn’t belong. The twist is, they all have a reason to not belong.

A plastic construction set which lets you quickly and easily build edge models of many complex polyhedra.


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