Welcome, Search Committee!

This is my performance artifact for my second Open Education Instructional Designer (OEID) interview.

I used to mark the changes I made from the original.┬áThese are the aspects I’ll discuss during our interview, however if you want to view them, follow these steps:

  • If you have installed in your browser, you can activate it to see my comments. They are visible as public annotations categorized via tags.
  • If you do no have a account and browser extension, you can install it using these instructions.

At the end of each page in this book, I included simulated interactive ‘Check your learning’ elements ( group notetaking, H5P exercises, Voice Thread, and Padlet). Because this is a hypothetical scenario and I don’t have access to the course context or intended audience for the book, I used this as an opportunity to show a few options for interaction. A “real” OER ID project would likely use the LMS to perform some of the interactions included in Pressbooks here.

My portfolio is also available for your review. Thank you for your time and consideration!




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