Welcome to the OER Hub Researcher Pack. This pack provides a set of useful resources for anyone conducting research in open educational resources. All of the material is CC-BY licensed, so can be adapted and reused as you see fit, provided it is acknowledged. It is a collection of material arising from the work of the OER Hub at the Open University in the UK. The intention is that researchers in OER can find useful tools that they can adapt (and hopefully share back with the community).

This pack concentrates on the tools we have developed. If you are more interested in how to conduct open research, then we have produced an open course, available also as an open textbook: Open Research.

The links in this ebook to the various resources will go to the OER Hub website, to ensure the latest version is referenced. However, the Researcher Pack is also available as a zip file download so if you are reading offline, simply locate the corresponding folder.

We hope there is something of interest here, and look forward to hearing about any use, or adaptation, that occurs.

The OER Hub Team


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OER Hub Researcher Pack Copyright © 2016 by OER Hub is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License, except where otherwise noted.

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