Procedures & Administrative Considerations

Common Procedures

4×8¬†– extraction of 4 third molars (wisdom teeth)

Extraction – removal of teeth

Implant(see implant flowchart in the next chapter)

  • First stage (initial placement): single, multiple, all-on four (full arch)
  • Second stage (typically 3-4 months post placement): assess for osseointegration, ISQ test, uncover


  • soft tissue
  • alveolar ridge maintenance post-extraction
  • block bone grafts from donor sites
  • sinus lift with bone graft

Biopsy – examination of abnormal oral structures

Incise and Drain (I & D) – clinical lancing

Debridement – removal of damaged tissue or foreign object from a wound

Frenectomy – removal of tissue that prevents the normal position of teeth or tongue

Exposures – surgical uncovering of a tooth in preparation for orthodontic treatment

Luxate – surgical dislocation or displacement of a tooth from the alveolus to assist in eruption

Orthognathic Surgery – corrects conditions of the jaw related to structure, growth, malocclusion or trauma

TMJ (Temporomandibular Joint) Lavage Рthe TMJ is the most constantly used joint in the body. The joint is irrigated and manipulated, and a steroid injected

Cleft Lip and Palate Repair – surgical repair of the lip and/or palate

Administrative Considerations

  • Most OMS procedures require IV sedation performed in-office, or in a hospital setting.
  • Pre-op considerations for in-office treatment consist of informing the patient (or guardian) to arrive NPO with a responsible adult.
  • An up-to-date health history must be requested for all patients.
  • Certain procedures require specific medications (e.g. steroid for TMJ Lavage).
  • Certain procedures require medical devices that need to be ordered (e.g. Implants).
  • Certain procedures require provisional appliances that need to be coordinated with a dental manufacturing lab (e.g. dentures and surgical guides).



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