Below you can find tools which can help you in this class as well as your academic career.




Taking notes on webpages


Is integrated into this book. Click on the < glyph in the upper right of this page to get started.

General Notetaking

Evernote or Onenote

Both are great, though Evernote is better at organizing files and pure text notes. Onenote is great for mixed media notes and handwriting and annotation.

Citation Management

Mendeley Desktop and Zotero

Both of these tools integrate into Word and can dramatically reduce the amount of work you put into gathering and using citations for any citation style. Mendeley was purchased by Elsevier, an absolute villain in the commodification and restriction of knowledge for profit. It has more features, such as in-program PDF annotation. Zotero, on the other hand, isn’t as easy to use, but when it comes to citations, it is just as robust and is open source.

Privacy – Browser

Brave or Waterfox

Brave is a fork of Chromium (what Chrome is based upon) that is focused upon user privacy. Waterfox is a fork of Firefox with the same emphasis.

Privacy – Extensions

Privacy Badger

HTTPS Everywhere

Ublock Origin (Chrome, Firefox)

Privacy Badger is a tool put out by the Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF) that helps you block companies that are tracking your activity online. HTTPS Everywhere forces an encrypted connection to websites whenever possible. Ublock Origin is the best, lightweight, cross browser ad and tracking blocker out there. Be sure to get Ublock Origin, as the project has been forked and other Ublock versions are troublesome.



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