Contributing Editors

Fall 2018

Asia Hill has lived in New Hampshire all her life. She is a senior at Keene State College who is graduating with a degree in English Literature. She enjoys reading and cuddling with her cats.

Mariah Palmer is a junior at Keene State College, double majoring in English Literature and Theatre with a minor in Women’s and Gender Studies. She enjoys Kurt Vonnegut, coming-of-age movies, and fair trade coffee. She hopes to one day have an enviable collection of used books and perform abstract theatre.

Trisha Poitras is a senior at Keene State College. She is majoring English Writing and used to be a chemistry major. Trisha plans on going to grad school after college and getting a masters in Professional Writing. Her main goal though is to be an author.

Alexa Reichardt is from Vermont. Occasionally she emerges from the stacks of literature to recycle and dance in the rain. She once compound broke a finger playing four square.

Fletcher Rice is a Senior at Keene State College and is majoring in English Literature, English Writing, and Secondary Education. He is originally from Asbury Park, New Jersey and is most interested in the Essay as a genre, after taking an Introduction to the Essay course with Mark Long. Some of his favorite authors are John Fante, Bret Easton Ellis, Charles Bukowski, and Kurt Vonnegut.

Cameron Slack is a Senior at Keene State College, graduating in December 2018 with a Bachelor Degree in English Writing and a Minor in English Literature. Cameron has contributed to the Keene State English Department publication, Owl Scratch, and has won several contests spanning categories from public speaking to creative writing.

Nicholas Yialiades is in his senior year at Keene State College. He is a triple major in secondary education, English, and history. He enjoys looking at history and literature through an interdisciplinary lens, valuing how each subject complements the study of the other. His ultimate goal is to bring these connections to life for his students.

Spring 2017

Jamie Clark
Danielle Field
Kevin Fry
Emma Kash
Shane Merritt
Danielle Mulligan
Melanie Murphy
Rose O’Callaghan
Joshua Tucker



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