I want to express my thanks to all who have contributed to my professional writing skills over the years. I have engaged in collaborative writing projects with colleagues and worked with a variety of professional editors, all of whom have critiqued and facilitated the improvement of my own writing style. I am particularly grateful to Don Zeman who edited this e-book to ensure that the information I provided was accurate and that I mirrored the core principles in my own writing.

The content of this e-book began its evolution as an orientation course for students in the Master of Counselling program at Athabasca University. Many of them, including some very excellent teaching assistants, helped shape this work. I am particularly grateful to Kathryn Bell who has taken a leadership role in our student program orientation for a number of years; she keeps me abreast of new developments in APA style and provides a conduit for ongoing feedback from our students and instructors.

I also want to acknowledge Steve Swettenhan, who has been my guide to Pressbooks and has enhanced the technical design of this e-book. Thanks also to Tony Mishra, Systems Coordinator, and Lawrence Poon, Programmer Analyst, at Athabasca University for their support of the Pressbooks system.


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