Each course carrying a Connection or Direction status will be reevaluated by the General Education Committee every four years to ensure that it should continue to carry that status. This process is called sunset renewal.

The discipline that sponsors the course is responsible for gathering the required evidence for the renewal of the General Education status. The required evidence is:

  • A completed sunset renewal form
  • A syllabus from a representative section of the course
  • Annotations on the syllabus indicating how the course meets the requirements of the particular General Education status
  • Summary of General Education portion of student course evaluations for all sections of the course taught in the year preceding the sunset renewal

The sunset renewal form can be found on the General Education page on the Faculty Governance blog.

The deadline for submission of Sunset Renewal Proposals will be the first Monday of December each academic year. When extenuating circumstances prevent a discipline from meeting this deadline, it may appeal to the General Education Coordinator for a one year extension of the sunset date, provided this appeal is made prior to the deadline.


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