Welcome to Sociology of Family! I am excited to make the textbook for this class available to you for free. The web version doesn’t cost anything but a bit of eye fatigue from reading on your screens. If you want an old school hard copy, you can purchase one from the College Bookstore… they will place an order to have it printed in Delta’s printing services, and you pay for the cost of printing… that’s it.

This textbook is a massive long term collaboration between sociologists who want to lessen the cost of higher education for students like you. This book is originally written by Ron Hammond at Utah Valley University and published under a Creative Commons License, making it an Open Educational Resource, which means it is available for modification by other sociologists, such as myself.  Additional editing for readability, a global to local focus, and modern context is underway. This text is a work in progress, and your questions and feedback make it more relevant and relatable.

Thank you for taking a Soc class, and I hope you enjoy the journey.

Donna Giuliani, Delta College


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