Review – look for connecting keywords and relationships in Revelation 13 using the numbering system (Worship=1, etc., as shown below).

  1. Worship – people will follow(1) the beast after experiencing physical(4) and spiritual(5) influence. 1 comes after 4 and 5.
  1. Authority / Power Given – false prophets are allowed(2) to have the authority(2) of the devil. 2 leads way to 3 then 4.
  1. Deception – signs & marvels(3) will be displayed after authority(2) is granted. 3 comes after 2.
  1. Makes / Forces – people need to be convinced by these deceptive(3) measures of power that will be exercised(4) before people will follow(1) the beast. 4 comes after 3, resulting in 1.
  1. Presence – the image of the beast will spread through the spirit(5) realm to people. 5 leads to 1.


Revelation 13 key verses and terms –

Please find the relationships of the numbers in parentheses that match the terms from the numbering system above.

the whole earth marveled(3) as they followed(1) the beast. 
they worshiped(1) the dragon, for he had given(2) his authority(2) to the beast,
they worshiped(1) the beast, saying, “… Who can fight against it?”
the beast was given(2) a mouth… it was allowed(2) to exercise(4) authority(2)
it was allowed(2) to make war(4) on the saints and to conquer(4) them.

authority(2) was given it over every tribe and people and language and nation, all who dwell on earth will worship(1) it,

[The False Prophet] exercises(4) all the authority(2) of the first beast in its presence(5),
and makes(4) the earth and its inhabitants worship(1) the first beast
It performs great signs(3), even making fire come down from heaven(3) to earth
by the signs that it is allowed to work(2) in the presence(5) of the beast it deceives(3) those who dwell on earth, telling them to make(4) an image(5) for the beast
it was allowed(2) to give breath(5) to the image(5) of the beast, so that the image(5) of the beast might even speak and might cause(4) those who would not worship(1) the image(5) of the beast to be slain.
it causes(4) all…, to be marked on the right hand or the forehead, 
so that no one can buy or sell unless he has the mark.


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