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Reviewed: Jan 5, 2018 by Teacher Education

Type of Material: Open (Access) Textbook

Recommended Uses: Course reading and class discussions, professional development and continuing education material

Technical Requirements: Can be read online at https://opentextbc.ca/teachinginadigitalage/ or downloaded as a PDF (requiring PDF reader software, which is freely available).

Target Student Population: This book is appropriate for use by teacher educators, instructional designers, curriculum designers, practicing instructors, administration, those who support teachers, and those who are studying in the field of education.

Identify Major Learning Goals: The book examines the underlying principles that guide effective teaching in an age when everyone, and in particular the students we are teaching, are using technology. A framework and a set of guidelines are suggested for making decisions about your teaching, while understanding that every subject is different, and every teacher and instructor has something unique and special to bring to their teaching. 

Prerequisite Knowledge or Skills: Familiarity with basic pedagogical theory and practice is helpful.



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