IBM’s Watson beats past Jeopardy! winners Brad Rutter and Ken Jennings in 2011.


Herb Simon plays chess with CMU faculty member Bill Chase in 1973. Neil Charness, a PhD student who worked with Simon on his chess experiments, films.


Herb Simon lectures in Hamburg, Germany in June 1977.
Allen Newell sitting at a prototype computer with a CRT monitor, designed to provide visual feedback to the user, 1975.
Allen Newell teaches a seminar course in 1977.
John McCarthy, one of the founding fathers of Artificial Intelligence.
Marvin Minsky and the “Minsky Arm” at the MIT Artificial Intelligence Lab.
Edward Feigenbaum (center), Director of the Stanford University Computation Center in 1996 with Gio Wiederhold, Bob Braden, and an executive at the Stanford Computing Center.
Raj Reddy meets with students at Carnegie Mellon’s Graduate School of Industrial Administration (GSIA) in 1989.
Joel Moses (L) and Joseph Weizenbaum (R)


Maja Mataric
Pamela McCorduck and Ashley Montagu at the opening of Santa Clara University’s Technology Institute in January 1986.


Lofti Zadeh
Pamela McCorduck’s 1991 East Coast MVP trading card from the Computer Museum of Boston’s yearly Computer Bowl competition.
Apple CEO Steven P. Jobs, left and President John Sculley present the new Macintosh Desktop Computer in January 1984 at a shareholder meeting in Cupertino, California, USA. (AP Photo)
Harold Cohen in his studio.
Patrick Winston at desk
Elizabeth Honig addresses a conference in 2014 about her work .
Daniel Dennett in the Fall.
Jeanette Wing, 2010
Mary Shaw
Kai-Fu Lee


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