Preface and Acknowledgements

Please use the following citation for this e-book.

Huezo, M. (2017). The trans community says. . . Retrieved from

This e-book represents the work of The Trans Community Says Project. The full manuscript describing this research is available at:

Huezo, M. (2018). The trans community says: An anti-oppressive, trans feminist research project with transgender communities (master’s thesis). Athabasca University, Athabasca.

The Project would not have been made possible without the following people.

Dr. Sandra Collins, thesis supervisor, mentor, and incredible human being.

Dr. Jeff Chang, supervisory committee member.

Dr. Simon Nuttgens, supervisory committee member.

S. Liebel, Advisory Panel member.

E. Roberts, Advisory Panel member.

J. Smith, Advisory Panel member.

Calgary Outlink and all the community agencies in Edmonton and Calgary who offered their help throughout The Project.

Transgender community members in Edmonton and Calgary who took the time to participate in this work.

This research was supported by The Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Canada, The Alberta Human Rights Commission, The Alberta Public Interest Research Group, and Athabasca University.


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