The BC Labour Heritage Centre is a partner with South Asian Studies Institute (University of the Fraser Valley) in the South Asian Canadian Legacy Project, supported by a 1.14 million dollar contribution from the Province of BC.

Union Zindabad! South Asian Canadian Labour History in BC explores the long and complex relationship with the labour movement. From early exclusionary practices to a recognition that racism is a tool of the boss to divide workers, the tenacity and strength of community has always been forward looking. As a result, the labour movement has benefited from strong South Asian leaders, activists and members.

Our contribution includes:

  • A digital exhibit accompanied by a printed booklet containing new research, 100+ photos and interviews.
  • A chapter in a public history book presenting South Asian Canadian social histories across British Columbia.
  • Photographs and recorded interviews donated to the South Asian Canadian Digital Archive.

For more information:

South Asian Canadian Legacy Project

Government of BC announcement

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View the full South Asian Canadian Labour History archival image collection on the South Asian Canadian Digital Archive.


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