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Josh Woods is an author, editor, professor, and podcaster. He loves monsters, myth, storytelling, comedy, combat, and crafts. His debut book of stories, O Monstrous World! (Press 53, 2019), won the International Book Awards for Fiction: Short Story. His novel The Black Palace (Amazon KDP, 2018) is an epic of gothic horror action-adventure. He has edited three anthologies of fiction, and he has published genre and literary short stories in numerous journals, magazines, and collections, in addition to having published essays of creative non-fiction, writing craft, and peer-reviewed scholarship. His podcast, The Monster Professor, explores the role of monsters in literature, myth, film, folklore, and pop-culture. His other awards include Outstanding Full-Time Faculty Member of the Year, Press 53 Open Awards for Genre Fiction, and nominations for the PEN/Robert W. Bingham Prize for Debut Short Story Collection, The Best of the Net, and multiple Pushcart Prize nominations, among others. He is a Full Professor of English in Illinois and originally hails from Kentucky. More information is available at his Website: joshwoodsauthor.com


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