8 On Practice: Instructional Designer

Autumm Caines

Instructional Design
Born of militarization
Systematic systems
Engineered acquisition

Welcoming of technology
(Another kind of weapon)

If it wasn’t for the humanness
It would be so orderly
So refined

What even is an Instructional Designer?

Student. Teacher.
We know these archetypes
But what of this third entity
This interloper
On how we come to know

You may be told it is all wrapped up
In knowing what
Maybe knowing how
And, too often, not so much in knowing how to know

What even is “content”?

Remember; Remember; Remember
Remember till you realize the value of forgetting
Just to remember

As it happens
I am an Instructional Designer
Here at the threshold
All in-between

Armed with the munitions:
Outcomes, Objectives, Goals
Constructionist, Constructivist, Connectivist

All the next generation
And buzzwords

You should see me iterate

But something is off
In these theories and tools

When we analyze these systems
We often find
Horrible things
But look who benefits!

When we slow down
When we think about those left out
When we imagine something different
Than the stated objectives

When we scrutinize the tool
Be that tool the theory or technology
And use our voices
To challenge flawed systems

Are we doing the work?

I think so

Because what even is an Instructional Designer?
If not human



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