We are seeking contributors for the expanded second edition of A Guide to the Gothic to be released in July of 2020

We are looking for people to help in the following roles:

Readers: Read submitted essays and offer constructive feedback.

Annotators: Write a short 300-500 word informative snippet about an author and annotate their primary text with footnotes.

Teachers: Develop quizzes, writing prompts and assignments.

Writers: Write an approximately 3,000-word essay giving a broad overview of one of the following Gothic topics:

  • Pre-gothic
  • Female Gothic
  • Gothic Romantics
  • Gothic Television
  • Gothic Music
  • American Gothic
  • Irish Gothic
  • Vampires
  • Haunted Houses
  • Ghosts
  • Are we missing a topic? Propose your own! We are open to publishing overview essays with a number of relevant companion works that are in the public domain.

Contact Dr. Jeanette A. Laredo at monsterscholar@gmail.com with questions or expressions of interest.


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