Jack Clark specializes in nineteenth-century literature and history which is where his interest in the Gothic originated. Jack has always been passionate about popular culture, fantasy and science fiction which has led him to do his doctorate studying the resurgence of nineteenth-century archetypes in the twenty-first century, at the Auckland University of Technology, New Zealand.

Sarah Gray is Assistant Professor of English at Missouri Valley College in Marshall, Missouri and co-editor of the University Press of Mississippi collection of essays on The Woman Fantastic in Contemporary American Media Culture. Her research focuses on Gothic and dark reform literature of the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries and on expanding the body of work dedicated to Rebecca Harding Davis and her world.

Katharine Hawkins received her doctoral thesis from Macquarie University in 2019 and is now continuing her research into the intersecting fields of the Gothic, feminism and Monster theory. Her recent writing focuses on the relationship between the Monstrous Feminine and rage, the resurgence of the archetype of the Witch within contemporary feminism, as well as gothic tropes within Indie-video games and film. Katharine has been teaching sociology, criminology and gender studies since 2015, and currently lives in Sydney with two black cats and the spectre of her student debt.

Jeanette A. Laredo is a scholar of all things awful including 18th-century British Gothic literature. Her work has appeared in the journal Aeternum, the collection Gothic Afterlives, and she has a forthcoming chapter in The Streaming of Hill House: Essays on the Haunting Netflix Adaptation. She enjoys being surrounded by her chihuahuas and listening to podcasts about murder while sipping a hot mug of tea.

The following Tarrant County College Connect students agreed to have parts of their research essays for British Literature II shared in this volume:

  • Joe Gonzales
  • Danielle Hill
  • Paige Murphy



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