Michelle in performance, the Donny Hathaway solo, On the Boards, Seattle, March 2018 | photo: Jim Coleman


February 16, 2017:

Bebe, Michelle, Darrell resonant rebounding impossible action interrupting the bloom touch responsive and touch unresponsive (maybe doesn’t go with the story)

Darrell warmup cue – energy, form or shape


-shelf of lower arm/elbow sustain/suspend

soul of donny hathaway

-R&B bass -literalness of sound/musicality

outward rhythm, distal, poke – darrel, michelle vs. inward/core (bebe)

-possible when sonic environment is dense -hold it in to not battle

softness/sweetness cut by rhythm

swiftness, trusting self and other awareness of dual rising which gives way to double curves

tangle/tango + classicism pieta – arrangement of archetypes shapes of power and yield surrender

2 eye intentions

-downward cast when in contact -when apart, beyond space and body – drifting focus eyes can create a torque, architecture

-Ecstasy of Saint Teresa -the torque even with distance creates a tension/pull

alchemy of directness w/ softness earning the release

waking up out of sentimentality

w/ mundane signals or now we go…direct

let it be obvious – so it registers

-it can be the obvious

shift the architecture of the bass/lower body…let the weight be at risk am i saying what i’m doing as i’m doing? the other is doing and i can do in relationship, even if not touching

-carving around changing it just so like “no, it’s this way” in a quick moment


February 18, 2017:

distilling the elements

-the technique is the expression/ it’s not expressive ~how we’re not the sentimentality

brothers – parallel relationship

-not a romantic love -contact improv finger exercise -letting the eyes see out

angie – gestural emptiness into the fullness of the body

-drawing the room -take gesture into proximal joints

bloom happens in the pauses at top/bottom of breath


-what are you wearing -tracking the space in a parallel way -angie as instigator -space between us, figuring out

michelle solo -invisible -i’m still dancing but i’m hidden, subdued

Darrell Michelle to David Lang

-suspend, curve -insert – noticing where a bloom might happen w/ another body and ordering another 2ming around it -body is “band,” instrument – not playing on top of them, but the technique of musicians in improving and composing -tautness of the body, poke (R&B the ends), Greek tragedy/Martha Graham or Michael Jackson -Darrell has physical radiant, sheen -D&M curve the air in and around, not fast -s2llness or back to core -syntactical grammar of phrasing (arresting or inhibiting of something (e.g. flow) so the relationship becomes visible) -Angie is flocking and occasionally I can register that.

Michelle / Angie flock

-A’s is very literal flock, direct attention, flocking M’s weight -M’s blooms around to another 2ming

-R&B space -resonant from Darrell/Michelle duet -shadow/echo…aroma, perfume of Angie’s choices, space, direction


  1. Donny Looping
  2. Angie starting in silence, D enters 2. Starting with Brothers from S.Portland space
  3. like beginning of Verge between Ted and Darrell 3. Head to head to sequence, into jump, front to back and up 4. Impossible change of weight 5. L shape for D&M in David Lang score
  4. Greek score b. Angie Flocking
  5. sometimes it undoes and A&D are together…TRIANGULATION c. D leaves, A&M continue, M starts to flock A


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